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Conducting Lessons

with Nina Falcos

Learn to transform shape into music, painting sound on the canvas at the tip of your baton. 

Our conducting lessons are designed for:

- middle/secondary/post-secondary school students interested in exploring career development in music education or performance; whether it is learning to conduct patterns for sectionals or their school band, or build a foundation for a future conducting career, or acquiring confidence and leadership skills that translate to all fields, these lessons will pour a solid foundation for future success. 

- current educators seeking to refresh or update their skill set, whether it be to learn and perfect precision-point conducting methods, learn new rehearsal techniques for their ensembles, or experience new repertoire and concert strategies for their programs. These lessons are designed to offer a new perspective on ensemble work and bring a fresh perspective to your podium. 

- those interested in the mysteries of the podium; whether they seek a wider appreciation for classical music, the roles of a conductor and the orchestra or symphonic band, or to learn a new skill set of conducting patterns and rehearsal design, these lessons offer a fantastic introduction to baton-wielding world. 

Everyone Welcome:

- ages 13 and up

- conducting level: beginner to advanced (minimum 3 years instrumental experience)

- theory requirements: minimum Grade 5 RCM

- university audition preparation 

Lesson Durations:

- 60 or 90 minutes

Materials Required:

- balanced baton (we will assist you in selection)

- subdividing metronome or metronome app

Home Studio:

- home studio with comfortable artistic setting

- mini grand piano for collaboration

- comfortable seating area for parents to attend lessons

- extensive music library of books, scores & online resources that can be lent to students

Complete Musical Education

- score reading and interpretation

- conducting patterns and technique

- ensemble ear training

- repertoire analysis

- artistic development of expression

- ensemble rehearsal techniques

Lesson Pricing

Depending on the age, experience, and goals of the student, we recommend different durations of weekly lessons. For lesson pricing please feel free to contact us directly so that we can discuss the best plan for you. 

Click here to read about our various discounts.

Contact us for more information on customized lesson curriculum options and time-slot availability.

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