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Bridlewood Music

Teaching Philosophy

For us, music is a way of life. It is how we express our individuality, show confidence, exhibit leadership, practice self-discipline, and own our personal identity. As teachers, we seek to inspire our students to grow into their best selves, and music is the avenue through which we have achieved this time and time again.

In our studio, we believe that music enriches the mind and the soul simultaneously; our educational methods are designed to adhere to the development of both precision and creativity. In our experience, music has a place in everyone’s life, whether it is as a profession, for pure enjoyment, or somewhere in between.

We develop outstanding relationships with students of all ages because we believe that a focus on positivity unlocks creativity. It is our goal to create a safe emotional environment that allows students to be expressive, thoughtful, and to experiment artistically while developing skills crucial to great music production. We utilize innovative teaching techniques that are designed to unleash a student’s expressivity while customizing our curricula to form-fit each student’s individual learning needs. By working through quality repertoire and building a foundation of solid technical proficiency, there is no limit on our students’ performing potential.

Throughout our careers we have been fortunate to study with many fabulous teachers; from each we absorbed their wisdom and were inspired to piece together a teaching philosophy that has seen fifteen years of success. As the famous conductor Benjamin Zander says, “the power of the conductor comes from making others powerful”. It is our job as teachers to instill the skills and strength necessary for our students to play any music they desire. 

We believe that a teacher who stops learning is ineffective; therefore, we constantly seek to develop our own skills as educators and performers. This mentality has allowed us to remain empathetic guides for our students’ musical journeys. Empathy helps our students conquer their performance and general anxiety; they are able to develop self-awareness and build confidence so that they can perform with freedom and inhibition.  

Building a teacher-student relationship that is both personable and professional is vital. We do this through a commitment to mutual respect. Being honest, encouraging, and supportive of our students and their parents allows us to provide a safe, inclusive and productive environment that guarantees remarkable results.

At Bridlewood Music, we customize our teaching methods to match the goals of each student. RCM, festival, and university audition preparation is available for those who wish to include these in their studies; however, competitive and adjudicated events are not mandatory for successful musicianship. For the future professional musicians under our guidance, we help them understand all aspects of a musical career: from navigating their post-secondary education, to exploring a wide range of career opportunities. Some of our past students are now performers, educators, audio engineers, musical therapists, composers, musicologists, conductors, and university professors. We are proud to have been a part of their transition into their professional lives.

We learn as much from our students as they learn from us. We are continuously surprised, moved, and inspired by those we work with. This is the magic of music: it reminds us that when we grow together the possibilities are truly endless.

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