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Piano Lessons

with Nina Falcos

Navigate the sea of black and white keys. 

From Bach to Bernstein, expand your horizons on the musical stage by fully immersing yourself in the wide-world of the piano.  

The piano enriches the lives of those who challenge themselves to pursue it. It's never too early or too late to start playing. Whether you are a child, a teenager, happily retired—or are in any stage of life in between—we'll help you make it happen! Our fun, energetic and positive teaching philosophy allows us to guide all students from all experience levels through this musical adventure. Learn for leisure, follow an exam curriculum, or prepare for a future career in music—whatever your goals, our studio is the place make music. Today's the day to start your piano experience, and become your best musical self!


Here are some of the highlights of our studio:

Everyone is welcome:

- All Ages 7 years old and up

- Beginner to Advanced skill levels

- University Audition Preparation available 

Lesson Durations:

- 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes

- in-person and online lessons available

Our Studio:

- a home studio with relaxed, artistic setting

- a baby grand piano & warmup piano

- a seating area for parents to attend lessons 

- an extensive music library of books & online resources that can be lent to students

Receive a Complete Musical Education:

- Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada available

- Customized curriculum to suit a student's individual learning needs and goals

- Ear-training, sight reading & singing, and musicianship

- Classical and Jazz Styles

- All levels of RCM Theory and History available 

- Semi-private and private theory and history lessons

- Chamber Music Coaching and Collaborative Piano Training

Optional Performance/Exam Opportunities:

- Monthly studio classes available

- Mid-year and End of Year Recitals 

- Festivals & Competitions

- RCM and CC examinations

Lesson Pricing:

Depending on the age, experience, and goals of the student, we recommend different durations of weekly lessons. For lesson pricing please feel free to contact us directly so that we can discuss the best plan for you. 

Click here to read about our various discounts.

Contact us for more information on customized lesson curriculum options and time-slot availability.

Young Boy Playing the Piano
Female Pianist
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