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Covid-19 Health and Wellness Policies

Ensuring our students and their families are happy and healthy

The health and safety of our community is our top priority. Bridlewood Music's policies are strictly followed and are adapted as we learn to live with Covid-19. For clear communication with our community, the current policies are listed below to navigate alterations with our lesson formats and health policies. We thank you for your cooperation!

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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

In-person lessons, Online & hybrid lessons options available 

**Subject to ongoing review process -- please see current conditions and policies below; last updated November 1 2022

Bridlewood Music requires proof of vaccination (at least two doses)  to allow:

1) all woodwind and brass students to study on the premises regardless of age;

2) piano or theory students 12 years of age or older to study on the premises.

For piano and theory/history students: Students 12 years of age and older and parents will be required to provide proof of vaccination to gain entry starting immediately. Students 11 years and younger do not need to be fully vaccinated. For Brass and Woodwind Students: because masks can not be worn during these lessons, all students and parents will be required to provide proof of vaccination regardless of age. If patrons fail to show valid proof or related documents, they will not be allowed in the class or to remain on the premises and an online lesson format will be offered. 

Online lesson formats are available to students regardless of vaccination status. Attendance at in-person recitals or masterclasses will require proof of vaccination for audience entry and performers. For online students recital performance opportunities are available via online recital format. 

All parents, students, and teachers are required to wear face masks in our hallways, common areas, and during lessons where possible regardless of vaccination status and age. 

Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival and departure. 

The studio space and common areas are sanitized between all lessons, and the piano and playing areas are deep-cleaned between each lesson. 

In-person lessons will not be available to students who are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, or if any immediate family members in their household are showing such symptoms. Online lessons will be offered as an alternative should adequate notice be provided to the teacher. 


Students will not be able to participate in in-person lessons if they have traveled outside the country within 14 days or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive to COVID within 14 days, regardless of vaccination status. An online lesson format will be offered at the student's regular scheduled lesson date and time provided that the teacher has received at least 12 hours notice. A zoom or skype online class may be available for group lessons. 

Should a student show any signs of illness during their lesson time, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick them up immediately. 

To decrease the number of people entering the studio, parents are asked to wait in the car or stay at home during their child's lessons. For young students (11 years old and younger) one parent or guardian may be in the studio for their lesson (parent or guardian must be fully vaccinated). 

Students should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their class time. If you are early, please wait outside or in the car. 

Should a government mandated closure occur, all in-person lessons will continue online. 

We thank you for your cooperation. Please be kind to all staff and teachers as they are helping to ensure not only their safety, but that of their students, families and the community. 

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